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Lawn Seed

Carpet Grass – This versatile grass will tolerate heavy traffic, shade and germinates quickly in our North Queensland climate. We can order this grass seed in bulk and keep 2kg bags in stock. A great performer for our NQ backyards.

Couch – This lawn seed is for the showpiece lawn. It still germinates quickly in our climate and will tolerate light to moderate traffic. This seed is in stock in 500g bags. We can also order this seed in bulk.

Kikuyu – This is a very attractive, fine-leaf runner type grass that suits being mowed to 3 to 4 inches in height. It is very nice partnered with Carpet Grass.

Vegetable Seeds

The backyard veggie gardener is not forgotten at NQ Rural Supplies. We stock a large range of Searles Flower, Fruit and Vegetable Seed. Combined with our range of organic fertilisers and eco friendly pesticides, you will be feeding your family all year round from your own backyard. We sell an amazing variety of hybrid sweet corn seed that will grow all year under virtually any weather condition – locally developed, this variety can be bought in 100g or 50g bags or in bulk.

Pasture Grass and Forage Seed Mixes

We can arrange virtually any mix of seed for horses and cattle. The standard horse paddock blend of seed is Rhodes Grass, Jarra Grass, Gatton Panic, Couch, Stylo and Millet. This can be ordered in any size you require.

Sports Grounds

We can order a Sports Oval Seed Mix that is perfect for Footy fields and any other sports oval. This mix comprises of 1/3 Millet, 1/3 Green Couch and 1/3 Bahia. The Millet will germinate first, giving a light coverage followed by the Couch. The Bahia eventually takes over the area leaving an attractive, hardwearing and sturdy field. Order this seed by the kilo. This mix is spread heavily at a rate of 50 to 75 kg per hectare. An average field of about 2500 square metres would require about 20 kg. Contact us for prices and availability.

Commercial Seed for the Market Gardener and Farmer

We have fantastic suppliers of various pumpkin, melon and other varieties of seed for the Commercial Farmer and Market Gardener. These are bulk orders only, however, in some cases, seed can be packed into a minimum 500 seed pack.

Some of the more popular varieties include:
Watermelon - Daredevil
  • Hybrid type with crisp, red flesh and sweet flavour
  • Large oblong fruit with good tolerance for hollowing
  • Popular pollinator for seedless varieties
Pumpkin - Kens Special
  • Open pollinated Kent strain
  • Large fruit with very good uniformity
  • Excellent eating quality
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7 - 11 Kern Street, Gordonvale Qld 4865

We are a rural supplies retail store. We are part of a buying group, namely CRT (Combined Rural Traders) and supply fertiliser, agricultural chemicals and a wide range of merchandise to farmers, hobby farmers. backyard enthusiasts and Councils.

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