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Rodent Control
Rat baits in the form of blocks, grain bait, bait stations and traps are stocked in a varieties of sizes from small packages to large bucket

Brands we stock include

  • Bromakil
  • Roban
  • Racumin
  • Ratoff
  • Storm
  • Tomcat
  • Tomcat Glue Traps & Glue Boards
  • Bait Stations
  • Rat Snap Traps
  • RAiDAR Snake Repellers
  • RAiDAR In Car Rodent Controllers
  • We also stock a range of wire traps in various styles and sizes
Do you have rats getting into your vehicle engine at night or when you are away?

Rats chew away at plastic and wires in your vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors etc causing costly damage.

We now have Raidar Ultrasonic Vehicle Rodent Repellers in stock - These devices attach to your car battery's terminals and emit an ultrasonic sound/vibration that drives rodents away from your vehicle's engine.

It's a much cheaper alternative than costly mechanics bills! Come on in and have a look. One of our staff members has this device attached in her vehicle and would be more than happy to show you how it works.


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7 - 11 Kern Street, Gordonvale Qld 4865

We are a rural supplies retail store. We are part of a buying group, namely CRT (Combined Rural Traders) and supply fertiliser, agricultural chemicals and a wide range of merchandise to farmers, hobby farmers. backyard enthusiasts and Councils.

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