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Protective Gear
Your safety is of very high importance

While spraying chemicals, working the farm or just doing jobs in your backyard, you need to protect yourself from various hazards. We have a range of respirators, gloves, hats, overalls and other items to keep you safe.

Particulate Respirators R95

Use For – Particulates from processing minerals, coal, iron ore, cotton, flour. Liquid or oil based particles that do not emit harmful vapours. Light hazards.

Do Not Use For – Paint spray, gases, arsenic, cadmium, lead, asbestos or sandblasting.

Respirator – P2 with Valve

Use For – Metal fumes (mechanically and thermally generated). Low toxicity mists, mechanically generated particulates e.g. silica, coal, lead and wood dusts. Low toxicity chemical mist.

Do Not Use For – High toxicity chemical mists, asbestos.

Chemical Respirator - With carbon and exhalation valve


Use For – Mechanically generated dusts and mists including coal, silica and lead etc. Mist from agricultural chemicals and nuisance levels of organic vapors.

Do Not Use For – Thermally generated fumes from welding. Extreme chemical contaminations where life and health are at risk. Fumigants like Methyl Bromide.

Protector Readypak Respirators

This convenient storage box is complete with an R1 half face respirator (medium) and one pair of R1 filters.

  • Packaged in convenient lunch box for easy transport, storage and user identification.
  • Soft, skin friendly TPE facepiece for maximum comfort.
  • Swept-back filters for balance and unobstructed vision.
  • Easy to clean, inspect and maintain.
  • Pre-filter cover to protect against sparks, splash and contaminants, maximising cartridge life.
  • Comfortable soft pad head harness and neck buckle for efficient fit.

We will also ‘Special Order’ different respirators. Have a look at the range when you come in.

  • Welding Gloves
  • Red Dipped Chemical Gloves
  • Pigskin Driver Gloves
  • Workmans Gloves
  • Hyflex Gloves
  • Solvex Gauntlet Gloves

Disposable overalls are a must when spraying. Available in most sizes.

Eye protection

You cannot forget your most important asset – your sight. Protect your eyes when performing any manual task – from projectiles, chemical drift and uv. Also, if available, we can order a specific pair of glasses to suit your needs.


Skin cancer is a huge risk for any Australian working outside in the elements. Protect yourself with our range of hats.

Insect repellant

We stock Bushmans Insect Repellant. This locally manufactured product is perfect for the tropics. If you’ve ever seen anyone sick with Dengue or Ross River Fever (or had it yourself) you’ll know it’s a very serious problem. Protect yourself when outdoors. This product comes in 2 handy sizes.

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7 - 11 Kern Street, Gordonvale Qld 4865

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