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Pet Supplies

Keeping our animals healthy is of high importance here at NQ Rural Supplies. We make it easy with a wide range of products to deal with ticks, fleas, worms, injuries, mites, lice and flies. We can even help deal with the badly behaved pet!

A snapshot of some products we sell to help with your animals are below:


NexGard Chewables Tick & flea protection (available in 3 chew packs)

One tasty chew will -

* Rapidly kill fleas

* Control Ticks (paralysis ticks, brown dog ticks, bush ticks)

* Highly effective for 1 month

In stock now for all sizes of dog!

We now have a new tick removal product!
Tick Tox

Tick Tox is a handy and compact 30g aerosol that freezes and kills the tick instantly. Keep one in the shed and in the first aid kit. Once sprayed on the tick (attached to human or animal), it dies instantly and will just drop off. There is no need to pull or scratch the tick off, risking further toxic saliva being injected into the host.


Pippettes are squeezed down the back of the animal to prevent tick and flea infestations. In most cases, it breaks the breeding cycle. Use more often when it is paralysis tick season. Frontline is in stock to treat tick and fleas for cats.

Kiltix & Preventic Tick Collars

These disposable collars control bush ticks (common brown ticks) for months and paralysis ticks from 4 to six weeks. It is still always advisable to check your dog daily for ticks during the tick season.


This is a great flea, tick, lice and mite wash for dogs, cats and birds. Use as directed for spraying around bedding, cages, bird cages and dog runs.


A range of wormers for dogs and cats in tablets and tasty chews. For dogs the dose is one tablet or chew for every 10kg of dog. This does not control heartworm but does cover a large range of other intestinal parasites.

Collars & Leads

Our collars and leads are made from 25mm nylon webbing making them extra strong and tough. They are available in a range of sizes and colours.

Training Collars

We can order training collars for obedience work and to deter bad habits in your pet. There is a training collar for every size dog. These collars are battery powered remote operated and have a range of 91 metres to 500 metres (depending on terrain, weather or other radio signals). The collars are waterproof with 10 correction levels. This is a good way of training the more stubborn dog that is set in his way or setting good habits early in your younger dog.

Bark Control Training Collars

There are several bark control collars to choose from - for the very small dog to the very large dog. The technology in these collars allows a sensor on the anti bark collar to detect the dog's vocal chord vibrations when barking and trigger a static pulse to interrupt the bark cycle. Your dog will learn that he can avoid receiving the static pulse by not barking and so modifies his behaviour. Bark Control Collars can help with excessive barking and howling in restricted areas or where neighbours may be bothered.

Radio Fence

This electronic dog fence is a versatile boundary system to keep your escaping dog in a fixed and determined area. This system is easy to install and creates a boundary that cannot be jumped over or dug under. You can protect your chook pens and gardens without fencing. You can add extra collars to this system for more than 1 dog and a spare roll of wire means you can make this system portable when travelling. Cats can also be trained with this radio fence system.

Chickens & Pet Brids

Laying Hens

We also sell Laying Hens! These hens are sold at Point-of-Lay (19 or so weeks old). All you have to do is put your order in, and when the hens are ready from our supplier, we contact you and arrange a time when you can collect them from us. These hens are a Bonds Brown which is a variegated brown cross-bred layer hen (breeding is a Rhode Island Red Cockerel over a Rhode Island white hen). They are a highly productive hen, laying large brown shelled eggs. They have a good docile temperament and are easily managed.


This is a very effective insect powder for Chooks, Pet birds, Horses, Calves, Goats, Cats and Dogs. It will control and kill lice, mites and fleas. Apply this powder liberally around nesting boxes in your chook house and even around your dog's play areas. Always follow directions when using these products. This insect powder has withholding periods on certain animals.

Oxymav B

Oxymav B is a broad spectrum antibiotic to use against a wide range of bacteria, certain reckettsia, chlamydia, actinomyces, mycoplasma, protozoa and some of the larger viruses. It acts by inhibition of proteins in the ribosomes of the bateria.

Poultry Feeders and Drinkers

These uv resistant feeders and drinkers come in a variety of sizes at very competitive prices.

Shell Grit

This product is very important for digestive and intestinal health. Just add a small portion to feed each week or two and your chooks will have healthy bodies and lay lovely eggs with strong shells.

Leg Bands

If you need to identify certain chooks from your flock, we have these in 2 colours and can also place orders for larger quantities and different colours.


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