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We have a large range of fertilisers for every use. From broad acre farming to the back yard, we will be able to supply a fertiliser to suit your needs.

The following is a list of popular fertilisers, their uses and NPK’s.

Always feel free to contact us for advice when it comes to your fertiliser needs. We will offer sound solutions to keeping your farms, nurseries and backyards thriving.

We are proud suppliers of Grow Force Fertilisers. From custom blends and urea in one tonne bags for farms or 25kg bags of all purpose (GF301) or lawn fert (GF501) and urea for nurseries and backyards - we have you covered.

A selection of our organic fertiliser range
Katek Super Growth 25kg N-3.5% P-1.85% K-4%

A nutrient rich, all purpose fertiliser. This product is based on fully composted poultry manure combined with other essential minerals to form a highly productive all purpose fertiliser. It includes natural rock phosphate, sulphate of potash, rock minerals, zeolite, fish meal and blood and bone. Also including natural gypsum, seaweed extract and worm castings, this fertiliser will be suitable for all applications in your yard – from fruit trees to gardens to vegetable gardens. Available in pellets, granules and fines.

Super Booster Organic Pellets

Pelletized poultry manure. This product is fully composted organic rich materials and organic carbon compounds, the major energy source for soil microbes. It includes major trace elements for healthy, balance soils. It will also help build organic carbon levels (humus) in the soil which has many benefits including improved soil structure and microbe and beneficial fungi production. Use on everything.

Katek Super Grass N-10% P-1.5% K-7%

A high performance synthetic/organic blend with major and trace elements. Super Grass provides excellent results for all lawns from sports fields to front yards. It is suitable for all types of natural and hybrid turf and lawns. Super Grass is also suitable for plants, vegetables and fruit trees. Available in granules.

Active 8

Active 8 is a well-balanced soil improver and planting mix designed for the home gardener to plant directly into with no fuss. Active 8 contains a rich blend of organic compost, composted chicken manure, composted cow manure, blood and bone, gypsum, fish meal, seaweed extract, iron, zeolite, trace elements and humates. This blend ensures your plants are healthier with increased yields in vegetable gardens and bright colours in ornamentals. Active 8 can be used on all types of garden beds, but it is specifically designed for preparing vegetable gardens!

Active 8 is designed to absorb and retain water, and is ideal for building up garden beds and in preparing soil to plant fruit trees. It will also increase the soil nutrient holding capacity and reduce the loss of nutrients by avoiding leaching.
Available in 50 Litre bags.

Blood and Bone 25kg

Blood and Bone will improve fruit and flower growth as well as assist in the reduction of plant stress caused by adverse weather conditions. It is recommended as a general garden fertiliser to promote healthy growth in most plants. Blood and Bone is also beneficial to general soil health and structure and will help rejuvenate and fortify tired soil by replenishing essential soil microbes. Use on the veggie patch, fruit trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns. This product is also a very effective deterrent for wallabies and kangaroos.

Flowfeed Fertilisers

These fertilisers are soluble with nutrient blends specifically developed for fertigating nutrients through trickle, micro-sprinkler and most other irrigation systems. The Flowfeeds listed below are totally soluble and made from the highest quality technical grade ingredients. They have been designed for Australian conditions to supply a particular balance of major nutrients and selected trace elements.

Flowfeed CO3 25kg bag N-20.9% P-8.6% K16.2% + TE

Flowfeed CO3 is a general feed to promote healthy and prolific leaf growth during the vegetative stages of vegetables and fruit trees. Use this fertiliser on fruit trees during high nitrogen demand periods.

Flowfeed DM3 25kg Bag N-12.8% P-6.9% K28.2% + TE

The high potassium to nitrogen ratio makes DM3 ideal for use during flower and fruit development in vegetable and fruit trees, or when a low nitrogen and high potassium ratio is required.

Flowfeed EX7 25kg Bag N-20.8% P-3.3% K17.4% + TE

EX7 can be applied to all foliage plants such as ornamentals, palms, fruit trees, vegetables and seedlings during periods of increased growth. The balanced nitrogen to potassium ratio will help improve the vigour and colour of foliage. EX7 also contains a full range of trace elements.

Flowfeed GF9 25kg Bag N14.0% P-4.6% K23.0% + TE

GF9 is recommended for use on all flowering, fruiting and succulent plants. It helps improve the quality of ornamental flowers and edible produce. The high potassium to nitrogen ratio will also assist in hardening all types of plants, making them more resistant to colder weather.

Flowfeed TP3 25kg N-28.1% P-4.4% K-11.1% + TE

TP3 is formulated for use on lawn and turf, to be applied during the active growth periods to promote quick leaf growth. TP3 also contains iron to help promote deep green leaf colour.

Soluble Orchid Fertilisers
Campbell Orchid Fertiliser 'A' for Flowering - available in 3kg bucket - N-11% P-13% K-16% + TE

Orchid 'A' Fertiliser is a yellow crystalline water soluble powder for use on orchids to increase plant development has been retarded through lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and mineral trace elements. Use Orchid 'A' at initiation of flower spike formation and through to the end of flowering. Use 20g of Orchid 'A' per 7 Litres of water and apply as a normal watering every 7-14 days or as plant condition indicates.

Campbell Orchid Fertiliser 'B' for Growth - available in 3kg bucket - N-30% P-4% K-8% + TE

Orchid 'B' Fertiliser is a blue cyrstalline water soluble powder for use on orchids to increase plant development and growth where plant development has also (as above in Fert 'A') been retarded through lack on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and mineral trace elements. Use Orchid 'B' at 15g (one measure spoon) per 5 litres of water as a normal watering every 7 to 14 days or as plants indicate need.

Also look at Flowfeed GF9 or Flowfeed EX7 for promoting growth and flowering in orchids. NPK's and further advice listed above.

Slow release fertilisers
FLORACOTE Controlled Release Fertilisers

The advantages of FloraCote

  • Full spec product with trace elements
  • The release time is not affected by substrate type, pH, microorganisms, level of irrigation or soil moisture.
  • Starts to release after 2 to 3 weeks. Due to this specific mechanism the product is very safe to crops.
  • Release of nutrients is attuned to physiological requirements of crops.
  • inimised nutrient losses.
Available in store in 25 kg bags in 4 month, 8 month, 12 month release and Native Fertiliser 8 month release.


These compact, easy-to-use fertiliser tablets eliminate the need for measuring small quantities of dry materials, and provide a safe, scientifically complete plant food which feeds for up to 12 months. Roots completely surround Agriform Planting Tablets to pick up the nutrients that are gradually released by the action of soil bacteria. The absorbed nutrients are transported throughout the plant by the sap stream. Follow directions on package when applying.


Some of our range of Nutritech products are as follows – Remember we can ‘special order’ most Nutri-tech products if we don’t have them in stock.

Seasol +Plus

Seasol+Plus is a unique blend of Fish, Bull Kelp, Humic Acid and Fulvic Acid. It is a bio-positive material providing an outstanding balance of animal and plant derived organic materials. Seasol+Plus is an easy "all in one" product that has an effect on the plant and the soil. It is used when plant stimulation, soil conditioning and a little extra nitrogen is required.

Seasol+Plus is designed to influence a crop from seedling stage onwards to maximise quality and yield. Seasol+Plus achieves superior results (when used as part of a program) compared to inorganic fertilisers used on their own. Seasol+Plus creates optimum conditions for soil microbial activity and soil fertility, enhancing plant nutrient uptake and improving soil structure.

Benefits of Seasol+Plus are:

Improves plant establishment by stimulating root growht, reducing transplant shock. Increases cell division, stimulating shoot growth, bud set, fruiting and flowering. Has chelating properties - it enables fertilisers to be utilised more efficiently, thereby reducing solid fertiliser requirements. Enhances the sugar content in some fruits, treated plants show higher brix readings. Can be used every 4 to 8 weeks during the growing season as a general plant conditioner and tonic to aid in optimising plant health, flowering and fruit production.

Follow application rates on container for best results.

Black Gold

This liquid fertiliser is a natural blend of fish protein, high-analysis kelp, polysaccharides, natural chelating agents, humic acid, fulvic acid, liquid vermicast, and a plant extract called triacontanol. Triacontanol has been found to provide a profound response in a variety of crops. University trials have produced crop yield increases ranging from 9-121% using this remarkable substance. Black Gold can be used for both foliar and fertigation applications and helps to build brix levels, increase stress resistance and frost resistance, chelates minerals and promotes healthy soil life. It is an excellent all-rounder for broad-spectrum nutrition and plant growth promotion.

K-Carb 35

Problems with potassium uptake are often pH related, due to the inherent alkalinity of this element. K-Carb 35 involves potassium citrate - a buffered, super-available form of potassium. K-Carb 35 is specifically designed for foliar fertilising fruit, vegetable and grain crops during the potassium-hungry fruit/seed fill stage.

Multi-Plex 10-10-10

A 10-10-10 NPK complete liquid fertiliser. With chelated trace minerals, bio-promotion and plant growth promoters, Multi-Plex is a liquid fertiliser to improve overall plant and soil health. It consists of a super, plant available NPK combined with luxury levels of the key trace elements utilising the Shuttle Chelation technology. Multi-Plex also contains soluble kelp, triacontanol, liquid vermicast and fulvic and amino acids for optimum nutrition.

Nutri-Key Shuttle Seven

This is a balanced blend of chelated trace elements. Shuttle Seven is a high concentration of seven micronutrients that are supported by seven elements, saponins and fulvic acid which add a further growth-enhancing dimension to this exceptional liquid fertiliser.

Nutri-Sea Liquid Fish

Nutri-Sea is reported to be “The world’s highest analysis, natural fish fertiliser containing amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, macronutrients and the vast army of micronutrients found in anything that grows in the ocean.”

The liquid fertiliser involves 42 – 50% fish solids, principally derived from high-protein New Zealand deep water fish species. This fish fertiliser has the highest natural nitrogen of any fish product, and up to 5 times higher trace element levels than most other brands – 25kg of fish frames are used to produce 1 Litre of this powerful concentrate. This product will trigger growth and sustain the soil while promoting earthworms and micro-organisms.

Nutri-Store Gold - Packaged in 25kg bags

Nutri-Store Gold is a total fertiliser involving 20 components. This is a ‘living fertiliser’ where organic acids and microbes have complexed the component minerals and nutrients. The organic carbon and minerals in this fertiliser build crop quality. This is the perfect ‘complete’ option and is the largest selling Nutri-Tech Solutions home garden fertiliser.

Nutri-Mate Organic Humates - Packaged in 25kg

Nutri-Mate Organic Humates are raw humates that still contain all of the dense mineralisation and organic acids found in the prehistoric plants from which they are derived. These lignite based humates from Victoria's Latrobe Valey contain humic acid in a slow release form. Raw humates are recognised as the most effective of all soil conditioners. They are unique in comparison to the processed humates in that they still retain the insoluble humin fraction. Humins are where most of the dense mineralisation occurs. Nutri-Mate Organic Humates contain seventy minerals, many of which are lacking in our agricultural soils. Nutri-Mate improves moisture retention and subsequently assists in drought protection. It is also a highly effective soil conditioner, largely due to its promotion of fungi which generate desirable structure to the soil.

Sea Change Liquid Kelp

This amazing product is created from liquid Australian Bulk Kelp, manufactured with a proprietary processing system. The 90-day cold composting process retains all of the natural attributes of bull kelp, with none of the denaturing features inherent in some other manufacturing procedures that involve heat and alkaline extraction. Kelp is a core component in biological agriculture. It is an indispensable bio-stimulant which can provide enhanced frost resistance, bio-balancing, root promotion, improved flowering and fruit set and stress resistance.

Triple 10

The Nutritec Triple Ten (10-10-10) range is a liquid fertiliser range combining a hot-mix NPK blend, chelated trace elements and potent organic fertiliser. These organic fertilisers include liquid vermicast, fish fertilisers, fulvic acid, seaweed fertilisers, vitamins and a powerful growth promotant - Triacontanol. Benefits of Triple Ten include, healthy vigorous growth, improved root structure, more even fruit sizes, better colour, early maturity, increased yield and plant growth promotion.

Fulvic 1400

Fulvic acid is a powerful extract from humates, which offers a host of benefits for both the soil and the plant. Fulvic 1400 is an 8% fulvic acid liquid prossessing a myriad of yield-enhancing qualities. It features a unique capacity to dissolve minerals and trace elements – having tremendous importance for fast-tracking the plant ability of rock minerals, rock phosphate and lime. Fulvic acid is a potent, natural chelating agent, converting metallic elements into readily absorbable, bio-available nutrition, and it’s very low molecular size enables fulvic-chelated minerals rapid entry through plant walls. Fulvic acids can detoxify pollutants in the soil, absorbing poisons (reducing soil-life damage) and catalyse the rapid break-down of the toxins.

Cal-Tech with Boron

Cal-Tech is a liquid calcium product, combining enhanced absorption capacity and bio-stimulation with a high percentage of chelated calcium in ionic form. Cal-Tech is chelated with amino acids. Boron, a proven calcium synergist, is also included in the formulation, along with nitrogen, trace elements, natural growth promotants and vitamin B12.

Nutri-Store 180

A microbe-rich, high-carbon, composted fertiliser addressing the carbon depletion too common in contemporary agriculture. Nutri-Store 180 involves bituminous coal being converted into organic carbon, the element most lacking in conventional agriculture. The new generation fertiliser also includes colloidal phosphate, fish protein, cow manure and a secret vitamin and mineral formula. The benefits of Nutri-Store 180 are many - Sustainability, increased yields, improved soil structure, microbe health, increased drought resistance, carbon holds four times it own weight in water, detoxifying and purifying, increased humus production, better quality produce with longer shelf-life and rapid, balanced growth. Available in 25kg bags.

Soft Rock

NTS Soft Rock is a colloidal calcium phosphate that can never lock up, unlike other phosphate sources. This exceptional fertiliser includes 8-9% phosphorus, 19.3% calcium, a high analysis of silicon and a rich level of trace elements. A microbe friendly bio-phosphate, which is an integral part of our soil regeneration program. This is one of the few phosphate sources that do not have problems with the heavy metal cadmium and it becomes plant-available in a fraction of the time involved with reactive rock phosphate.


Products that improve soil condition


Dolomite is simply calcium and magnesium. Dolomite improves the structure of hard, cloddy soils making the soil more friable and allowing greater penetration for air and moisture. Dolomite also hastens the decomposition of raw organic materials. Apply to the soil 6 weeks before planting for vegetables and annuals. Spread around fruit trees. Do not use around acid loving plants such as azaleas, camelias, rhododendrons, tibouchinas, gardenias and certain Australian natives.


Garden lime corrects acid soils, especially in high rainfall areas. Lime contains magnesium and calcium which assists in plant growth, assures strong growth and good fruit and leaf quality. A lime deficiency produces yellowing on edges and between veins of older leaves as well as curled leaves on plants. Lime helps nutrients become more accessible to the plants and helps aerate heavy soil. It can also be added to composting piles to help break down organic matter. Adding lime to your lawn can also prevent and treat minor outbreaks of sensitive weed. available in 25kg bags.


Use gypsum in your soil to break down clay and release minerals within the soil structure from the clay particles so they become available for plant nutrition. Gyspum changes the soil structure from big clods to a finer, easier to work texture making fertilising and irrigation more effective. Available in 25kg bags.


Urea is the most concentrated and cost effective source of nitrogen (46%N). It is suitable for most applications from farming to backyard ornamental and vegetable gardens.


Agronomy is the science of soil health and crop production

At NQ Rural supplies, we can offer sound advice on all aspects of soil and cropping matters.

Professional soil sampling and leaf analysis, followed by written results with action plans to suit, is a service we proudly offer.

Contact Dion for further details with regard to this important service.


‘NPK’ is nothing complicated. The 'N' is for nitrogen - that gets the leaves green and growing. The 'P' is phosphorus, that'll make the roots grow strong and deep. The 'K' is for potassium, which helps the grass & plants cope with drought and resist disease.

Calcium (Ca)

Symptoms: New leaves are distorted or hook shaped. The growing tip may die. Contributes to blossom end rot in tomatoes, tip burn of cabbage and brown/black heart of escarole & celery.

Sources: Any compound containing the word 'calcium'. Also Gypsum.

Notes: Not often a deficiency problem and too much will inhibit other nutrients.

Nitrogen (N)

Symptoms: Older leaves, generally at the bottom of the plant, will yellow. Remaining foliage is often light green. Stems may also yellow and may become spindly. Growth slows.

Sources: Any compound containing the words 'nitrate', 'ammonium' or 'urea'. Also manure.

Notes: Many forms of nitrogen are water soluble and wash away.

Magnesium (Mg)

Symptoms: Slow growth and leaves turn pale yellow, sometimes just on the outer edges. New growth may be yellow with dark spots.

Sources: Compounds containing the word 'magnesium', such as Epson Salts.

Phosphorus (P)

Symptoms: Small leaves that may take on a reddish-purple tint. Leaf tips can look burnt and older leaves become almost black. Reduced fruit or seed production.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'phosphate' or bone. Also Greensand.

Notes: Very dependent on pH range.

Potassium (K)

Symptoms: Older leaves may look scorched around the edges and/or wilted. Interveinal chlorosis (yellowing between the leaf veins) develops.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'potassium' or 'potash'.

Sulphur (S)

Symptoms: New growth turns pale yellow, older growth stays green. Stunts growth.

Sources: Compounds containing the word 'sulphate'.

Notes: More prevalent in dry weather.

Boron (B)

Symptoms: Poor stem and root growth. Terminal (end) buds may die.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'borax' or 'borate'.

Copper (Cu)

Symptoms: Stunted growth. Leaves can become limp, curl or drop. Seed stalks also become limp and bend over.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'copper', 'cupric' or 'cuprous'.

Manganese (Mn)

Symptoms: Growth slows. Younger leaves turn pale yellow, often starting between veins. May develop dark or dead spots. Leaves, shoots and fruit diminish in size. Failure to bloom.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'manganese' or 'manganous'.

Molybdenum (Mo)

Symptoms: Older leaves yellow, remaining foliage turns light green. Leaves can become narrow and distorted.

Sources: Compounds containing the words 'molybdate' or 'molybdic'.

Notes: Sometimes confused with nitrogen deficiency.

Zinc (Zn)

Symptoms: Yellowing between veins of new growth. Terminal (end) leaves may form a rosette.

Sources: Compounds containing the word 'zinc'.

Notes: Can become limited in higher pH.

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