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Chemicals & Pest Control

We have a chemical solution for almost every problem you encounter in your backyard.

Phone us or drop in to discuss the best chemical solution for your pest problems

A quick snapshot of ‘What kills what’


  • Sensitive Weed - Starane
  • Singapore Daisy - Brush Off or Metsulfuron
  • Nutrass & Sedge - Sempra or Halosulfuron
  • Broad Leafed weeds and Sensitive Weed - Grazon
  • Any Grass - any Glyphosate (Roundup, Weedmaster, Weedpro)


  • Indoor Pests - Solfac Pro, Coopex
  • Bedbugs - Ficam
  • Termites - Termighty or Surefire Termiticide (Fipronil)
  • General Outdoors - Termighty, Fortune 500
  • Fungus & Chewy Bugs - Lime Sulphur
  • In the Veggie Garden - Pyrethrum SF, Lime Sulphur, Derris Dust
  • Bugs in Ornamentals - Confidor, Pyrethrum, FiveStar, White Oil
  • Outdoor Spiders, Fleas, Ticks - Ficam, Termighty, Fortune 500
  • Fleas around Dog Runs - Malaban, Termighty, Nucidol
  • Mites in Bird Cages - Malaban, Pestene
  • Army Worms - Bifenthrin, carbaryl, pyrethrum, Fortune 500 (chlorpyrifos), Dipel
  • Toads - HopStop Toad Killer
Pest Control

Armyworm infestation

Lawn Armyworms have hatched in plague proportions with the arrival of the recent heavy rain and are affecting new and old lawns alike. Some eggs have come with new turf, other infestations have come from moths flying in from surrounding grass areas, settling into lawns that are lush and high in nitrogen. Unfortunately, the egg stage has no effective control methods and is extremely difficult to find the eggs laid deep in the grass. A couple of weeks after egg laying, thousands of small caterpillars hatch out, hide in the base of the lawn, come up at night and eat the leaves off the grass.

As they grow bigger, they eat more each night until the new leaves are unable to keep up with the feeding frenzy. The worst damaged areas are usually in shaded areas where they can feed for longer in the shade before the sun sends them back down again. The lawn looks dead, but recovers quickly once sprayed with a suitable insecticide. There are a number of suitable insecticides that are registered to kill armyworms. Always follow the recommended rates on the label of the chemical you are using and be sure to protect yourself with appropriate protective gear (i.e. gloves, mask, safety glasses).

Chemicals that will control Armyworm are Bifenthrin, Fortune 500 (chlorpyrifos), Carbaryl, Pyrethrum and Dipel. Come in and see us to get the right advice for the control of this nasty little pest.


HopStop is a humane spray for the control of cane toads. Cane toad infestation has put your pets and local fauna at risk. When used properly, HopStop removes the threat and is safe for humans and pets AND is humane to the toad. Available in a 300g aerosol tin.

Pest control products

  • Bromakil
  • Roban
  • Racumin
  • Ratoff
  • Storm
  • Tomcat
  • Tomcat Glue Traps & Glue Boards
  • We also stock a range of wire traps in various styles and sizes

We have a great selection of fungicides (and let's face it, you'll need them living up here in North Queensland).

Here is a quick list of a few items that may help in your vegetable gardens and ornamentals. If you need any advice, remember you can always contact us. Always follow your label for best results.

Anti Rot

This is a systemic fungicide that is absorbed by the foliage and travels down to the roots. It is low toxic with no witholding period. It will also boost the plant's own defence mechanisms to help prevent disease. Anti Rot will control collar rot, phytophthora root rot in citrus, avocados and ornamentals.

Lime Sulphur Fungicide (also insecticide)

This is a concentrated lime sulphur solution for the control of certain diseases, insects and mites on fruit, citrus, roses, vegetables and ornamentals. it will control most scale, a range of mites, powdery mildew, rust, brown rot, black spot, leaf curl and freckle.

Liquid Copper

This is a broad spectrum fungicide for the control of a wide range of diseases on fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. It is easy to use and will help control leaf curl, leaf spots, blights, downy mildew and many more fungal issues.

Mancozeb Plus

Mancozeb Plus can be used to control fungal problems on an extensive range of fruit, vegetables and ornamentals. It can also be applied to lawns to prevent the common fungal problems dollar spot and brown patch. This product can also be used as a miticide.



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